Concilium Technologies firmly believes in adding value to the instruments and systems that it supplies to its customers should the need arise. Training can be product, system or technology based, and tailored for the needs. I can be held at our offices in Centurion, at the customer’s site or even at the supplier’s site depending on the type of training required, the number of people to be trained, and the type of product or system.

Electronic and Telecommunications Test Equipment

There are a wide range of training options for the equally wide range of products we supply into these markets. While many of the smaller, more basic instrument are typically intuitive enough for most customers to be able to use without any specific product training, the more sophisticated they get, the more value there is in training.

Today’s instrument technology platforms are becoming extremely flexible through measurement science that can be a standard or optional feature of the instrument. Startup training can easily save the customer the cost of the training by taking typical measurement scenarios and getting the required measurements up and running quickly. It can also show the flexibility of the instrument to ensure full benefit is gained from the investment.

Technology training

With the demands on the technician and engineer increasing every day, and the relatively little exposure most students get to real world measurement challenges, Concilium offers a number of basic measurement training courses ranging from RF and optical connector care and maintenance, through to the basics of RF and microwave spectrum, network and power measurements.

Broadcast system and technology training

Broadcast technology is an extremely broad field and in almost every instance the training is customised to meet a specific workflow requirement. Concilium will work with its suppliers to provide the required training which is then delivered by both the supplier’s and Concilium’s application engineers.

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