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Transcoding @ Lightspeed

Dat Vantage G6 Lightspeed Server

Telestream® G6 Lightspeed™ Server The G6 Lightspeed is a dual-GPU NVIDIA Pascal-based server that accelerates compute-intensive image processing within Vantage workflows. Housed in an efficient 1 RU chassis, Lightspeed G6 Servers reduce rack space, power and cooling requirements while meeting increased output capacity needs. Includes scaling, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, motion vector calculation, and other tasks that require computation and analysis to modify or create new video frames.

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Ross Video Launches Ultrix IP Platform at NAB 2018 Keynote Event

Ultrix Frame Box2

A new version of the latest Ultrix-FR5 routing/AV processing platform that adds IP I/O to the already impressive feature set of this disruptive ‘Swiss army knife’ infrastructure solution that collapses racks of equipment into a compact and economical footprint. Ultrix was initially available in either 1RU or 2RU configurations, and the 5RU 144×144 version was launched in January of this year at the CABSAT show in Dubai. Ultrix is a highly disruptive routing/AV processing platform. It’s also software-enabled, so customers only need to buy the one piece of hardware and can then access the many additional features available as software licenses. The new Ultrix IP will become available later in 2018. Contact Us for updates on this product!

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Ross Unleashes the 4th Generation of openGear®

Smart Reliability

Superior flexibility, power and control is unleashed in this 4th generation of the openGear® platform, oGx. Built for today’s baseband, hybrid and IP facilities it is the broadcast world’s first and only open-hardware platform, and your platform of choice for your broadcast infrastructure needs. It offers the flexibility of independent rear modules for connectivity to a wide array of interfaces such as BNC, twisted-pair audio, and fiber, supporting analog to UHD and IP. • Smart Modular Design • Smart Front Panel • Smart Power • Smart Control • Smart Reliability Giving users best of breed product and budget options, while ensuring common control and monitoring within the DashBoard ecosystem.

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Carbonite Mosaic

Carbonite Mosaic is built to get high-quality video onto your large-screen display. This powerful system's single frame latency ensures your video content keeps up with the live action, for a smooth viewing experience. Prepare to stun your audience with live productions across a canvas size of over 20 million pixels. This is a DYNAMIC VIDEO IMAGE PROCESSOR when run in tandem with XPression Tessera system provides frame-accurate, non-tearing recall of graphics across large or irregular assembled display panels. Carbonite Mosaic makes it easy to get creative with your unique display arrangement.

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AWARD WINNING at NAB 2018! Beatrice R8 Dante™


The Glensound BEATRICE R8 is a versatile and fully featured 8 channel rackmount intercom with crystal clear audio designed for broadcast, theatre and professional audio applications. It utilizes the reliable and proven Dante network audio transmission protocol allowing real time distribution of uncompressed audio across standard networks. Feature Summary: • 8 Channels Of Intercom • 2 Racks make 16 Channels • Dante Routing & Partyline • Onboard Mic & External Mic Input • High Output Intelligible Loudspeaker • Mains or PoE Powered • Redundant Twin Copper & Twin Fibre Ethernet Interface and many more….

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Gy Hc900

Advanced 2/3" HD camcorder for ENG, Studio and Sports applications. IP connectivity from any location to anywhere in the world. FEATURES ● 2/3-inch 3CMOS 2.2M-pixel Image sensor ● Industrial standard B4 lens mount ● Professional OLED viewfinder ● High performance 1080 60/50p live streaming ● Low latency (<500ms) and stable quality streaming ● Optional LTE dual modem bonding module ● IP return video and IFB audio ● Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) long range MIMO

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OverDrive + Graphite


The OverDrive+Graphite bundle marries the industry’s most widely-used Automated Production Control system with the all-in-one production powerhouse that includes a real Carbonite production switcher, XPression graphics, two channels of clip server and a brand new 28-channel RAVE audio engine. This new package from Ross is ideal for smaller productions looking to cost-effectively improve production values: enjoy the operational benefits that come from OverDrive automation, with demonstrable improvements in consistency and quality, combined with the unrivalled functionality and reliability of Graphite.

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Ross Video introduces Carbonite IP

Carbonite Ip

CarboniteIP delivers IP support for Carbonite Black, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher, with AIMS-compliant IP options to interface to standards-based SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 infrastructures

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Ross Video Unveils Disruptive Routing and Signal Processing Platform

Ultrix Disruptive Routing

Ross Video, the leader in Smart Production, has launched a new 144×144 version of Ultrix, the powerful routing and signal processing platform, Ultrix-FR5 delivers a full-featured routing platform with integrated MultiViewers and FrameSyncs in an extremely compact 5RU chassis. While this footprint is impressive, offering considerable space and cost savings, it is the software defined nature of Ultrix that is the real disruptor. The ability to change and update functionality via software license means Ultrix customers only buy what they need, when they need it. Installs and strikes occur with a fraction of the cost and time associated with competitive throwaway hardware solutions.

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Imagine Communications’ Versio Platform Accelerates Evolution of Playout.

Versio Platform

Imagine Communications have introduced Versio Platform™, a modular and highly customizable media workflow platform designed to enable media companies to optimize their playout and related operations to meet finely tuned operational and business objectives. Versio Platform, provides content producers and distributors with a menu of tightly integrated functional building blocks for constructing a fully modernized playout facility that can be customized to precise operational requirements and seamlessly upgraded in lockstep with market demand.

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Concilium Appointed V-Nova Partner in South Africa

V Nova

V-Nova provides solutions spanning the entire media delivery chain, including content production, contribution and distribution to end users. V-Nova’s award-winning PERSEUS™ delivers on the promises of next generation image and video codecs by compressing video at “bandwidth that matters” on available encoders and decoders, at the same time providing substantial reductions in processing power requirements and core encoding latency.

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We are proud of what we have achieved and the recognition we have received.

  • 🏆 2018 - LiveU Outstanding Annual Growth
  • 🏆 2016 - Viavi Star Team Award
  • 🏆 2016 - Achieved Ross Video Platinum Partner Status
  • 🏆 2016 - Achieved Viavi Solutions Elite Partner Status
  • 🏆 2015 - Keysight Technologies, Excellence Award
  • 🏆 2014 - Imagine Communications, Outstanding Performance
  • 🏆 2014 - Telestream, Fastest Growing International Reseller
  • 🏆 2013 - Harris Broadcast, First Global IP3 Broadcast Router Sale
  • 🏆 2013 - Harris Broadcast, Highest Revenue
  • 🏆 2013 - JDSU, Achievement Award - Exceeding targets
  • 🏆 2013 - Concilium, Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership
  • 🏆 2012 - Gigamon, Certified partner
  • 🏆 2012 - Harris Broadcast, Achievement Award Growth
  • 🏆 2011 - JDSU, Achievement Award – Exceeding targets
  • 🏆 2010 - JDSU, Achievement Award – Exceeding targets
  • 🏆 2009 - Harris Broadcast, Achieving certified partner status
  • 🏆 2009 - Agilent Technologies, Outstanding sales performance