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Whether you are in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, Windhoek, Gabarone or anywhere else in Southern Africa, Concilium provides full spectrum sales, rental, refurbished, training, consulting, installation, repair and calibration services for a broad range of electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) hardware and software products. These include multimeters (DMM), power supplies (PSU), frequency counters, waveform generators, LCR meters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, pulse generators, noise sources, electronic loads, AC and DC power analysers, data acquisitions, USB, PXI, AXIe modular products, power meters, spectrum analysers, network analysers, logic and protocol analysers, noise figure analysers, test accessories, vector signal analysers, EMC and EMI, noise figure and phase noise analysers, semiconductor parameter analysers and many more.

Electronic T&M products are used in research and development (R&D) , electronic manufacturing and field maintenance in cellular, wireless, renewable energy, aerospace and defense, components, control and automation, digital design, RF and Microwave (uW), optical and education and many other industries and technologies.

We also provide a wide range of T&M products more specifically focused on the telecom and enterprise industries and details for these can be found on the Telecom and Enterprise T&M pages.

Latest Products and Solutions!

I Va Cable Antenna Analyzer

Reinvent Site Sweep Testing with the iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer!

The Kaelus iVA series Cable & Antenna Analyzer enables users to accurately measure and locate VSWR/return loss faults in their RF infrastructure. The wireless connectivity allows unprecedented measurement flexibility, opening up new possibilities in sweep testing and multi-port testing.... - more info -

New Probes

New probes for current measurement from Keysight.

The N7040A/41A/42A is a family of Rogowski AC current probes for conveniently measuring large AC current. These probes have a flexible clip-around sensor coil that can easily be wrapped around current carrying test points for measurement and can measure large current without increase in transducer size. The N7026A is a high sensitivity clamp-on current probe for measuring up to 150 MHz of AC/DC current with significantly higher sensitivity when compared to a conventional clamp-on current probe... - more info -

Your Scope Your Way

Your Scope. Your Way.

The S-Series oscilloscope (500 MHz to 8GHz) has unmatched measurement accuracy with the best signal integrity and the most comprehensive measurement software for signal analysis, compliance, and protocol analysis. And now the Keysight S-Series oscilloscope just got better with a great offer that increases the value of your scope and allows you to tailor the product for FREE. ... - more info -

Ew Threat

Keysight Delivers Enhanced Realism for EW Threat Simulation

Keysight have introduced an agile vector adapter which extends the capabilities of the UXG X-Series agile signal generators to generate complex highest fidelity pulsed signals and waveforms based on IQ data for more realistic electronic warfare threat simulations.... - more info -


Now powerful I/Q analysis available on Keysight’s Fieldfox

Keysight’s portable I/Q capture and analysis solution is ideal for field installation and maintenance; interference identification and analysis; and signal demodulation. The FieldFox I/Q analyzer provides frequency and time domain measurements and customizable multi-domain display views. Users can capture and analyze I/Q data directly on the instrument, or capture and save the data for post analysis using Keysight’s 89600 VSA software, MATLAB, Python Toolkit or other third-party demodulation sof... - more info -

Keysight Just Got Better

Best in Class Network Analyser from Keysight just got better!

5 new software applications for the E5080A VNA are now available to enhance its measurement flexibility. They include automatic fixture removal, Time Domain Analysis, Scalar mixer converter measurements , Gain compression app and a measurement wizard assistant for those complex set ups.... - more info -

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Keysight Wave

Say Hello to Wave 2018

Keysight is launching Wave 2018, a first-of-its kind event created to connect you with our experts. Plus you can register for daily bench and RF giveaways worth more than $44,000!* Join us March 1-16 to learn helpful tips, discuss latest ideas, and explore new advances in the industry via daily videos, exclusive content, and live Q&As. ... - more info -


Keysight’s BIG5 Bench Plus Promotion

Get A Complimentary IP67 Industrial Handheld DMM Simply purchase any eligible Keysight Bench test instrument and claim the sturdy U1282A, designed to help you stay productive, efficient and safe while you focus on tasks at hand. ... - more info -

April Promotions

Buy the Best. Get Rewarded!

If you purchase an eligible RF/uW product form the UXA or PXA X-Series signal analysers, UXG or PSG Signal Generators or PNA/PNA-X Network Analysers you will be rewarded with an InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series scope!... - more info -

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Broadband Mm Wave

Keysight’s Broadband mmWave VNAs are Selected as Top Products of 2017

The N5290A/91A Millimeter Wave Network Analyzers have been selected as one of the Top Products of 2017 in the December 2017 issue of Microwave & RF magazine. The article features and highlights the top products delivered in 2017 for Aerospace/Defense (A/D) through 5G communication applications. The Keysight N5290A/91A millimeter wave network analyzers were introduced in May, 2017 and have been well recognized and accepted by many customers in various applications such as A/D, component/module m... - more info -

Electronic Warfare

Concilium and Keysight at the Electronic Warfare South Africa Conference

Darren Nicholls , Keysight’s EMEAI Aerospace & Defense Marketing Industry Manager presented a paper entitled “Increase Capabilities Between Lab and Real World Test for Radar and Communication Signals with a Modern T&E Architecture” which was well received. Concilium was also exhibiting a range of RF/uW bench and modular test equipment. If you would like a copy of the presentation, or more information on our solutions in EW test, please click for more info. ... - more info -

Keysight N5291A Broadband Millimeter Wave Network Analyzer High

Keysight Technologies Enables Developers to Characterize Broadband Millimeter-Wave Designs with Greater Accuracy and Confidence

Network analyzer-based solution delivers metrology-grade performance and industry-leading stability to ensure precise, traceable results... - more info -

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Seminars, Webinars Events

Sa Energy SA Energy Storage Conference Exhibition 28 & 29 November 2017. Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni
on 2017-11-28
- more info -

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We are proud of what we have achieved and the recognition we have received.

  • 🏆 2016 - Viavi Star Team Award
  • 🏆 2016 - Achieved Ross Video Platinum Partner Status
  • 🏆 2016 - Achieved Viavi Solutions Elite Partner Status
  • 🏆 2015 - Keysight Technologies, Excellence Award
  • 🏆 2014 - Imagine Communications, Outstanding Performance
  • 🏆 2014 - Telestream, Fastest Growing International Reseller
  • 🏆 2013 - Harris Broadcast, First Global IP3 Broadcast Router Sale
  • 🏆 2013 - Harris Broadcast, Highest Revenue
  • 🏆 2013 - JDSU, Achievement Award - Exceeding targets
  • 🏆 2013 - Concilium, Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership
  • 🏆 2012 - Gigamon, Certified partner
  • 🏆 2012 - Harris Broadcast, Achievement Award Growth
  • 🏆 2011 - JDSU, Achievement Award – Exceeding targets
  • 🏆 2010 - JDSU, Achievement Award – Exceeding targets
  • 🏆 2009 - Harris Broadcast, Achieving certified partner status
  • 🏆 2009 - Agilent Technologies, Outstanding sales performance